The Systems Engineering Vision 2035 is intended to inspire and guide the strategic direction of systems engineering for the global systems community. This community includes leaders of organizations, practitioners, and students, and others serving this community that includes educators, researchers, professional organizations, standards bodies, and tool vendors. It is intended to apply to a broad range of application domains including biomedical, defense, healthcare, power and energy, telecommunications, transportation, and many others.

This vision can be used to develop strategies to evolve the systems engineering capability of an enterprise or project. The vision can also be used to help direct investments and support collaborative efforts to advance the discipline and grow the skill base to meet current and future challenges related to systems development. The reader will also gain insights on trends that impact enterprise competitiveness and how systems engineering will respond to these trends, which include the digital transformation, sustainability, smart systems and complexity growth, and advancements in modeling, simulation, and visualization.  

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This Vision was sponsored by INCOSE and produced by a team of leaders from the systems community, with inputs from across industry, academia, and government.  The Systems Engineering Vision 2035 addresses:

  • The Global Context for Systems Engineering
  • The Current State of Systems Engineering
  • The Future State of Systems Engineering
  • Realizing the Vision

We encourage you to work with INCOSE to help realize this vision.

The complete Systems Engineering Vision 2035 is available in two forms:

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Access the Systems Engineering Vision 2035 in a new, interactive online web format. See the complete content, share pages with colleagues, and read on your PC, tablet or mobile. 

Download the SE Vision 2035 and the accompanying Executive Summary! 

INCOSE SE Vision 2035

INCOSE SE Vision 2035 Executive Summary

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