Systems Engineering Certification

Demonstrating knowledge and experience in the practice of Systems Engineering

Applying for ASEP

ASEP Steps to Certification

There are 4 basic steps to becoming certified at this level.

  • Pass the INCOSE Knowledge Exam or equivalent
    • Exam and equivalency results are good for 12 months. 
    • There is a separate fee to take the exam, collected by the exam provider. 
    • You are allowed to take the exam up to 3 times in a 12-month period. 
    • You may take the exam before or after completing the other steps. 
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Upon Certification

Once you complete all these steps, the INCOSE Certification Office will send you a congratulatory email. Your e-certificate will come from Accredible. You may also check your certification status through your member profile on the INCOSE web page.  The ASEP certification is valid for five years, with a requirement that you maintain your INCOSE individual membership. Before the five years expire, you must submit renewal documentation and fee. Your renewal will also be good for five years.  


What educational background or experience is required before applying for ASEP? 

There are no education, experience, or reference requirements when applying for ASEP. You are not required to have a particular degree or take any preparation courses. You are required to be an individual INCOSE member.

How long may I be an ASEP?

The initial certification period for an ASEP is five years. You may then renew for an additional five years, an unlimited number of times. In order to maintain your certification, you must remain an individual INCOSE member and you must also earn and document continuing education.

Do I have to become an ASEP before I can become a CSEP?

No, there is no requirement to start your certification path with ASEP. You may go directly to CSEP or ESEP. If you do start with ASEP, you will not have to retake the knowledge exam when you apply for CSEP. There is no benefit or discount when applying for ESEP if you are already an ASEP.

Do I have to submit my knowledge exam results to INCOSE?

No action is required for you to get exam results to us; those come to us automatically from our exam providers or from your academic equivalency institution.


If you are located in the UK, please apply directly through the UK site below. For general inquiries regarding Certification in the UK, email
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