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The Professional Development Portal (PDP) is an INCOSE Service for members being created with an agile development process.  As an INCOSE Service, the PDP Leadership Team welcomes recommendations from members on the content and capabilities to include in the PDP.  You can provide feedback in the PDP selecting the first feedback type, “What features would you like to see in the PDP?” for new capabilities, and the third feedback type, “Recommend new material” for new content.

This page was created to keep you informed on the content and capabilities planned for the PDP. 

Content or Learning Resources

Content can be added anytime.  The PDP Leadership Team is currently working with certification training providers and the academic council for their learning resources and then will reach out to INCOSE Working Groups.

What is a learning resource?  Training and education content related to systems engineering that will be classified / tagged per the PDP Taxonomy to be searchable within the PDP.  The taxonomy tags used are from the INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework (ISECF), the ISO 15288 processes used in the SE Handbook, the Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Experience Areas used in the INCOSE Certification Program, the systems engineering domains used for the International Symposia Call for Papers, and some other general areas.  The media format can be books, course, papers, presentations, webinars, website, etc. 

Capabilities Included for the Full Operational Capability (FOC) V1.0 at IS 23

The capabilities included in the PDP by the FOC V1.0 at IS 23 include:

  • COMPLETE:  A 1 to 5-star feedback capability to rate the learning resources.  Then the resulting 5-star resources can be included in the trending learning resources section on the home page;
  • JUST STARTED WITH FIRST BATCH OF 40:  Including the systems engineering heuristics content created by the INCOSE Fellows as learning resources in the PDP Content Catalog;
  • A PDP & Learning Development Plans page with (1) COMPLETE:  background of career development and career path models, (2) COMPLETE:  creating individual learning development plans, (3) COMPLETE:  INCOSE Services solutions that can support professional development, and (4) learning development plan examples (DO YOU HAVE SOME YOU COULD PROVIDE AS EXAMPLES?);
  • COMPLETE:  A PDP & Professional Development Discussions page connected with the PDP’s Yammer page; and
  • COMPLETE:  Additional search capabilities to search by media format, cost or not, and language.

Capabilities Requested for the Full Operational Capability (FOC) V2.0 at IS 24

The capabilities requested to be included in the PDP by the FOC V2.0 at IS 24 include:

  • COMPLETE:  Incorporating and testing the new 185 SECAG Competency Area Proficiency Level tables from the recently published Systems Engineering Competency Assessment Guide (SECAG).
  • The ability to sort learning resources on the three new pages within the bookshelf (Just Added, In Progress, and Completed);
  • The ability to save searches and browsing filters; and
  • The ability to collect more data for metrics on usage within the PDP.

The PDP is an agile service, so new capabilities will continue to be added.  Keep checking the PDP Operational Status section just below the banner on the Home Page, where new capabilities will be listed when they are added. 

Current Considerations for New Capabilities after IS 24

As mentioned previously, the PDP is being created with an agile development process and is a service to members.  As a result, new capabilities can be added after our FOC V2.0 at IS 24.  Some of these items being considered are:


  • Ability to search with more than 6 results (user inputs / pull-down menu for number in multiples of 3).
  • Remove the numbers in the Competency Group & Competency Area 


  • Now we just have $$$ for costs on the Learning Resource Results Card, need to differentiate $, $$, $$$, $$$ and highlight if member discounts.  PDP Leadership Team to provide differences. 
  • Currently Learning Resource Results Cards are posted randomly.  In the future, considering posting per user preference, e.g., media type, title alphabetically, etc.

3.  RECOMMENDER: (Rhythm dependent)

  • Based on user preferences, generate email notifications when new content has been uploaded for their interest area(s).
  • An email alert (Recommender / Rhythm dependent) when new content is added (if their recommender is interested in that area).


  • Provide the ability to users to link their self-assessment rationale (their notes) to the mentoring page to share with their mentor.


  • Allow users to add the date when the learning resource was reviewed / completed and send that date to their individual learning plan.
  • Allow to add content from anywhere internal or external (e.g., Google).
  • Create a gap analysis:  compare competency self-assessment to a goal.  hat is the goal?  Can we create some generic profiles?  Could be dangerous since roles / profiles are context dependent.  
  • Ability to add other, external, non-PDP training completed in the PDP.  Ability to add outside the PDP training & professional development to their learning plans and Professional Development Completion Report


  • For the bar at the top with the page links, have that bar at the bottom of the page, too.
  • Ability to automate the “Trending / Recommended / Popular” content based on start ratings / comments. 
  • In addition to the feedback capability, would it be possible to 1) allow Users to 'Ask an Expert' in the PDP Portal, and 2) route the Ask to the best Yammer Community? 
  • Creating a “following” capability

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