Calling All Systems

19 September 2023 – Sustainability


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INCOSE is delighted that Dassault Systèmes has agreed

 to be the 2023 ‘Calling All Systems’ series sponsor.


The series session was held on
Tuesday, 19th September at 11am EST / UTC -4

with IBM as the Session Sponsor



This discussion was recorded and it available on The INCOSE Circuit

Our featured panelists

David Long, INCOSE's Director for Strategic Integration & Session Chair

David Long, an INCOSE Fellow and Expert Systems Engineering Professional, has dedicated over 30 years to advancing systems engineering proficiency. As the founder of Vitech, he played a pivotal role in developing innovative methods and software for next-generation systems engineering. His expertise ranges from introductory systems engineering to the future of engineering systems, making him a vital contributor to this session.


Gerard Krinner, CNRS 

As a CNRS senior scientist based in Grenoble, Gerhard Krinner brings a wealth of knowledge as a global climate modeler. His expertise extends to polar climate, where he investigates past, present, and future polar climate change and its far-reaching implications. With a focus on topics such as ice sheet mass balances, permafrost carbon feedback, and seasonal snow cover, Gerhard Krinner's work directly impacts our understanding of global climate change.


Jennifer Russell, Garver's Water

Jennifer Russell is a true "Leader of Character" with over 25 years of experience spanning various domains, including water systems, software systems, high-speed rail, transit systems, highway systems, and multi-modal connectivity. She is the INCOSE Smart Cities Initiative Chair, where she champions a human-centric approach to shaping the cities of the future. Jennifer's insights into smart city development will be invaluable for anyone interested in sustainable urban planning.


Matthew Kamakani Lynch, The University of Hawai'i System

Matthew Kamakani Lynch, an artist and polymath, has made a remarkable impact on sustainable development projects worldwide. With a diverse background in banking, community development, higher education, public service, and the arts, Matthew's journey towards creating conditions for cultural healing and transformation is nothing short of inspiring. He will share his experiences and insights into sustainable initiatives that have a lasting positive impact.

Sky Matthews, IBM

Sky is a Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) and Connected Vehicle products within IBM’s Sustainability Software group.  Sky is responsible for driving technical strategy and directions related to ELM and Connected Vehicles. Sky has over 30 years of experience in Systems Engineering and Embedded Software development processes and tools and has worked with clients across many industries including telecom, aerospace/defense, automotive, and electronics. He is an industry leader on the evolution of Systems Engineering tools and was a member of INCOSE’s Vision 2035 workgroup in 2020/2021. His current areas of focus include impact of Artificial Intelligence on Systems Engineering, and Systems Engineering for more sustainable systems. Prior to his current role, he was the CTO for the Internet of Things. Sky is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Jeff Mikulina, Hawai'i Climate Coalition

Jeff Mikulina is a climate and social impact strategist who has led sustainability organizations for over two decades. As the Director of the Hawai'i Climate Coalition, he consults with organizations on catalyzing systems change. Jeff hosts "Empower Hawaii," a KHON series about Hawaii's sustainability journey and writes on climate issues for multiple media outlets. He has previously served as the Executive Director of the Blue Planet Foundation and holds a Master of Science in Engineering.


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